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Welcome to the group Anime-And-Manga~!

This is a place where you can find those who love anime and/or manga and art in that category. Anything related goes!

We accept every member who wants to join. All join requests are automatically approved. To submit art, it is not necessary for you to be a member of the group. However, please note that our Featured folder is restricted to members, and therefore to submit there you need to join.

Please follow group rules, as well as DeviantArt's own rules. If you break a rule, I will either let it slide, give you a warning, or ban you, depending on the rule.

Rules: These are the rules for this group. Please read and follow them. Bannable offenses are listed in its own section, as well as next to the related rule. They can be changed and added to at any time without any warning whatsoever.

General Rules:
• Treat other Deviants and the Admins with respect.
• Please do not advertise yourself in the comments.
• Don't fight in the group [comments]. If you feel the need to argue, please take it to the notes.
• No cursing in the comments or at anyone else. By this, it means no major curses such as the F-bomb.
• Follow dA's Terms of Service.
• If you find stolen artwork, please report it to me via a note.
• If you are banned from the group, then you can try to appeal and be allowed back in. This only applies to the marked offenses in the "Bannable Offenses" section, however.

Art Submission Rules:
• Art must be related to anime and/or manga. Anime-style games are fine as well.
• The art does not necessarily have to be a drawing. Fanfics and literature IS allowed. These belong in Fanfics and Stories, respectively.
• Each member can only submit one (1) piece of artwork to the FEATURED folder per week. Each member can only submit five (5) pieces of artwork to each of the OTHER GALLERY folders per WEEK. The latter means that you can submit up to five (5) in EACH folder, not five total.
• Please submit to the right folders! Art submitted to the incorrect folder will be rejected. If you've accidently sent it to the wrong folder, just resubmit it to the correct one.
• If you've used a reference, then please say so and give credit.
• NO TRACED OR STOLEN ART WHATSOEVER!!! We don't want art that you've stolen from another artist and taken credit for. --Bannable Offense--
• No horribly erotic or nude art is allowed. For males, the groin and behind area must be covered. For females, the breasts, groin, and behind area must be covered.

Featured Folder Submission Rules:
The submission process for this folder will be different from all of the others. There will be a limit of one submission per week. For a piece to be included in this folder, it must get 3 votes of acceptance from the Admins. Submission rules still apply. Judging will be done by the opinions of the Admins. There are also restrictions on what you can and cannot submit.

What will not be accepted:
• Lineart (like the ones in the Line Art folder)
• Coloured in lines/manga pages
• Comics/Manga pages
• Memes (Completed or blank)
• Bases (Used or created)
• Art dumps
• Demotivational posters

All works must be done yourself and completed. We will not be accepting any WIPs. It doesn't necessarily have to be in colour. If it isn't listed as a type of work that won't be accepted, then by all means submit it. OC's, Fanart, etc. Submissions to this folder are restricted to group members only.

Bannable Offenses:
• Being rude to other members and the Admins. Three warnings will be given. If you continue to disrespect others, then you will be banned from the group. --Appealable--
• If you are found to have submitted stolen artwork, then you will be banned AND blocked from the group.


Group Links: These link to group journal entries that you should take a look at. They can also be found under the group Journals.

Folder Clarifications:
cha-iro: (OLD)
Featured Folder:

Other Links: These links may serve of interest to you, so be sure to check them out if you can.

Anime Network:…
Cosplay FU:…
MCM Expo:…
MANGA Entertainment:…
Tokyo Toys TV:…

The above links were provided by DoctorWhoOne

Group Info

A group for anime AND manga! Anyone can join and contribute!
Founded 4 Years ago
Dec 17, 2009


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Anime and Manga

10,050 Members
8,933 Watchers
110,190 Pageviews
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Hello all! We have reached...//drumroll// 10,000 MEMBERS!!! So to commemorate, we will be holding a 10K Members Contest! We were originally planning to do other stuff, but there was a lack of interest, so they had to be cut out. :C

Anyways! The gist of this contest is to design a group mascot! We've been around for a while now, so it's time that we got one! I will explain the details of the contest down below.

The Process:
Upon sign-up entrants will recieve an entry number. Entrants will create a mascot design in reference sheet format. After the deadline, each entry will go through some elimination rounds from the Admin judges: SakamotoNadeshiko, TheRebornAce, rainbownote, and Fanyuxuan. When the final 10 works of each category have been selected, voting will be opened to group members.

The Categories:
There will be two categories in this contest. One for a male mascot, and one for a female mascot. You may only enter in one or the other, not both.

The Rules & Requirements:

The design must be in reference sheet format.
You need to have a full-body front view, a full-body back view, and a side-view/profile headshot, all fully coloured. You also need to include the base colors/color palette that you've created for it.

Name your entry as follows:
[10K Members Contest Entry #XXX - Male/Female Category] For the "Male/Female," put down the category you're entering.

In your description, include a short description of the mascot's personality.
Just briefly give us insight to what they are like personality wise. Are they XXX? Also, give us the mascot's name, unless you really want us to give him/her a name.

Please submit all entries into the 10K Members Contest Folder.
This folder will be for this contest's entries only. Any entries to other contests will not be accepted. Do not submit your entry into the Featured folder, or any other folder in the group.

Your entry must be fully-coloured.
You don't necessarily have to have background given the nature of the format, but the mascot design must be in colour. No black and white or uncoloured ones.

All mascots must be human and drawn in the anime/manga style.
The mascot itself must be human. He/she can be accompnaied by an animal or something, if desired.

You can only enter in one category.
Male or female, but not both. Decide on which one you feel you are more comfortable with doing. You can change the gender you plan on doing at anytime before the deadline.

All work must be done by you.
You may not come up with a design and ask someone else to draw it for you, nor can you work on a collab design with another person. Do not use programs that assist in design like MMD or the like. You may not use someone's bases or lines, either.

One entry per person.
If you've submitted already and wish to tweak your design , you must notify me.

All entries need to follow the group submission rules.
Anything breaking them will be disqualified.

The artwork should be clear.
This is especially the case for traditional entries. Try not to let your submission be grainy or blurry when taking a photo/scanning it. I understand that not everyone has access to high quality tools for this, but please do the best you can. For any entry, really, we shouldn't have to try and guess what something is supposed to look like.

Notify me if you will be dropping out of the contest!
If you're dropping out, please let me know as soon as possible. In the event that we hit the limit of 500 contestants, it will allow someone who didn't get to enter a chance to enter.

Each entry must be submitted by the deadline, June 1, 2014, at 6:00PM EST.
Please make the according timezone adjustments. No exceptions will be made for not getting your entry in on time. It's optimal that you send a note with a link to your entry.

The rules are subject to be changed and added onto. Please keep a lookout for any changes.

Judging Criteria:
• Originality/Creativity
• Visual appeal/personality
• Colour Choice
• Meeting the requirements
• Clarity/visibility

Voting will be opened to the group's members, as I've mentioned before, when the final 10 of each category have been selected. The process of how this will work will be posted in another Journal closer to that time.


First Place:
• Admin collab of mascot design by Anime-And-Manga's Admins
• Full-body artwork by NasikaSakura
• Full-body artwork by Rikuharuka
• Half-body artwork by marangai
• 10 headshots by SakamotoNadeshiko
• Headshot of OC or favourite character by Aster-the-star
• Pixel Icon and pixel chibi/doll by thekroll
• 25 points from KiwiKuru (through event account)

Second Place:
• Admin collab of mascot design by Anime-And-Manga's Admins
• Half-body artwork by Rikuharuka
• Half-body artwork by A4BondPaper
• Chibi artwork by NasikaSakura
• 5 headshots by SakamotoNadeshiko
• Pixel icon by thekroll

Third Place:
• Fully-coloured fanart by KittyMennie
• Half-body sketch: by Verlak
• Chibi by Rikuharuka
• Pixel icon by thekroll

When the winners of each category are chosen, the two entries will be put to a round of voting to decide the overall winner. That person will get first place, while the other will get second place. Third place will go to whomever gets the most votes during the last round of voting that decides the winner of each category, regardless of gender.

Donations will be kept open for the whole duration of this event, so if you want to donate a prize, then please do! Anything is welcome! All donors will be given a feature at the end of the contest in the group, and I will also post it to my own Journal. If you or anyone you know is willing to donate, please let me know! Donors can participate in the contest, so if you've donated and want to take part, then go right ahead!

The contest is open to everyone on deviantArt, so please do spread the word! You do not have to be a member of the group to enter! The number of entrants will be capped at 500. Once we hit that, you won't be able to enter unless someone drops out.

The deadline is June 1, 2014 at 6:00PM EST. Please adjust your timezone accordingly.

To Sign Up:
• Post in the comments below saying you wish to enter. I will give you a number. That number will be your entry number. If you lose the number, then just message me or look through the comments.
• State what category you plan to enter. It doesn't have to be anything definite; it's just for me to see the number of entries that may be in them.

Very long post, I know. Sorry about that! But yeah, that's it. Things in it are subject to change so keep a lookout for that.

-- SakamotoNadeshiko, Founder

EDIT I: Fanyuxuan has been added to the Admin judge list.
Hello everyone! As you may or may not know, the group is nearing 10000 members! Se will be having some events to commemorate that.

I will not reveal all the details at this moment because we aren't quite there yet. But, I will give you a gist of what will be going on. Expect another, longer entry about the event's specifics once we actually hit 10000 members.

There will be a designing contest going on, and two members will get to judge with the Admin judges~ There are 5 total, 2 members, 2 Contribs, and me. Prizes will be given to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners! We need donations for them, so please see below about donation details.

In addition, there will also be raffles/givaways, an Admin collab, etc. The contest is the main highlight though. C:

Judging Sign-Ups:
The member judges will be determined with a random draw. Members may sign-up to be put in, and if it's you, you get to judge. The only catch is that if you judge, you cannot participate in the contest. You must also have a Skype account.

If you want to enter the judge draw, then please send a note to Anime-And-Manga-10K. I will then give you a number that's over 100. Do not lose the number I give you, as it will be your number for the draw. I will also keep track of the numbers, so if you happen to forget or lose it, then send another note and I'll tell you. The draw will be done on RANDOM.ORG. I will set it to two columns, and the first number in the columns will be the ones to judge.  You must be a member to participate in judging.

It'll be optimal if you're in the US, or near the US timezones. We will all come together once the judges have been drawn to decide on times on which we will get together on Skype for it. While you don't have to be 100% fluent, you should be able to communicate fairly clearly in English.

We're looking for donations for contest prizes and donations for the giveaway/raffle. Everything is welcome, so just send a note to Anime-And-Manga-10K with what you want to donate and where you want it to go (for example to the contest 1st prize winner, etc.).

Please do spread the word about this! Ask around, or the like! The more donations we get, the better the prizes will be!

Anime-And-Manga-10K is the event account, which is why I'm directing the notes there! There is a donation pool on the front page for any point donations if anyone wants to send them there. If you donate to it, then the total amount of points at the end will be split accordingly to the available prizes.

-- SakamotoNadeshiko, Founder

EDIT I: Some changes have been made regarding the requirements to judge.
EDIT II: You can't sign up for the contest right now. I should have made that clearer, so sorry for any confusion or inconvenience.

Also, you do not have to watch the event account to participate in the event. You can if you want, but all information will be posted in both places (here and there). There might be minor things that are posted there that aren't on a grand enough scale for here.

EDIT III: 49 members to go before the event launches! Keep a lookout for the launch journal as you can start signing up for the contest then, if you want to participate! We will probably have to cut some plans out due to lack of interest. :C The contest is definitely staying, though! But! We are still looking for prize donations, so if you're interested, look above under the Donations section~ If you donate, you can still participate, of course. The more prizes, the merrier!

EDIT IV: Donors will receive a Feature at the end of the contest, after the winners are announced.
This is the masterlist for raffles/giveaways. To stay on for the next month, you must note me at the end of the month saying so. Sorted by type.


• KazenoShun:
Ends April 17th.
• Vivi-Chuu:
• Rikuharuka:
• XieChea:
Ends April 18

Want to advertise? See here:

-- SakamotoNadeshiko, Founder
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