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Welcome to the group Anime-And-Manga~!

This is a place where you can find those who love anime and/or manga and art in that category. Anything related goes!

We accept every member who wants to join. All join requests are automatically approved. To submit art, it is not necessary for you to be a member of the group. However, please note that our Featured folder is restricted to members, and therefore to submit there you need to join.

Please follow group rules, as well as DeviantArt's own rules. If you break a rule, I will either let it slide, give you a warning, or ban you, depending on the rule.

Rules: These are the rules for this group. Please read and follow them. Bannable offenses are listed in its own section, as well as next to the related rule. They can be changed and added to at any time without any warning whatsoever.

General Rules:
• Treat other Deviants and the Admins with respect.
• Don't fight in the group [comments]. If you feel the need to argue, please take it to the notes.
• No cursing in the comments or at anyone else. By this, it means no major curses such as the F-bomb.
• Follow dA's Terms of Service.
• If you find stolen artwork, please report it to me via a note.
• If you are banned from the group, then you can try to appeal and be allowed back in. This only applies to the marked offenses in the "Bannable Offenses" section.

Art Submission Rules:
• Art must be related to anime and/or manga. Anime-style games are fine as well.
• The art does not necessarily have to be a drawing. Fanfics and literature ARE allowed. These belong in Fanfics and Stories, respectively.
• Each member can only submit one (1) piece of artwork to the FEATURED folder per week. Each member can only submit five (5) pieces of artwork to each of the OTHER GALLERY folders per WEEK. The latter means that you can submit up to five (5) in EACH folder, not five total.
• Please submit to the right folders! Art submitted to the incorrect folder will be rejected. If you've accidentally sent it to the wrong folder, just resubmit it to the correct one.
• If you've used a reference, then please say so and give credit.
• NO TRACED OR STOLEN ART WHATSOEVER!!! We don't want art that you've stolen from another artist and taken credit for. --Bannable Offense--
• No horribly erotic or nude art is allowed. For males, the groin and behind area must be covered. For females, the breasts, groin, and behind area must be covered.

Featured Folder Submission Rules:
The submission process for this folder will be different from all of the others. There will be a limit of one submission per week. For a piece to be included in this folder, it must get 3 votes of acceptance from the Admins. Submission rules still apply. Judging will be done by the opinions of the Admins. There are also restrictions on what you can and cannot submit.

What will not be accepted:
• Lineart (like the ones in the Line Art folder)
• Coloured in lines/manga pages
• Comics/Manga pages
• Memes (Completed or blank)
• Bases (Used or created)
• Art dumps
• Demotivational posters

All works must be done yourself and completed. We will not be accepting any WIPs. It doesn't necessarily have to be in colour. If it isn't listed as a type of work that won't be accepted, then by all means submit it. OC's, Fanart, etc. Submissions to this folder are restricted to group members only.

Bannable Offenses:
• Being rude to other members and the Admins. Three warnings will be given. If you continue to disrespect others, then you will be banned from the group. --Appealable--
• If you are found to have submitted stolen artwork, then you will be banned AND blocked from the group.


Group Links: These link to group journal entries that you should take a look at. They can also be found under the group Journals.

Folder Clarifications:
Featured Folder:

Other Links: These links may serve of interest to you, so be sure to check them out if you can.

Anime Network:…
Cosplay FU:…
MCM Expo:…
MANGA Entertainment:…
Tokyo Toys TV:…

The above links were provided by DoctorWhoOne

Group Info

A group for anime AND manga! Anyone can join and contribute!
Founded 6 Years ago
Dec 17, 2009


Group Focus
Anime and Manga

15,823 Members
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Secret Santa 2013
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10K Members Contest
Hello hello! I'm opening up Contributor Applications because the number of submissions only keep increasing and we need more help!

So, you'd like to be one but don't know what you'll be doing? Some of your roles will include:
Voting on submitted artwork
• Keeping Gallery folders clean
• Enforcing group rules
• Be active! We aren't looking for people who are applying just for the status.

Anyone can apply to become a Contributor for this group. Experience or artistic skill is not a requirement here.  We're looking for dedication and committment.

If you'd like to apply, then please send a note to me, SakamotoNadeshiko with the following:
• Why you would like to become a Contributor
• Why you think you'll make a good one
• How often you come onto dA and when you're available
• Your timezone in GMT (You can find your GMT timezone here:

Do not post applications onto the group's profile page, Journal comments, or my profile. Do not send them to the group notes. If you do this you'll be asked to resend it.

If you are selected to be a Contributor, you are still a member and all rules and restrictions still apply.

Applications are open until: March 31, 2015 at 8.00PM (GMT-5:00) April 3, 2015 at 8.00PM (GMT-5:00)
Please adjust your timezone accordingly.
Anyone wanting to apply when they aren't open will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

-- SakamotoNadeshiko, Founder

EDIT: I added a couple of days to the deadline so I can use the weekend to go through applications. We've only received one so far though so... I know that this time of year tends to get busy because the school year is near its end and exams start coming up and all, but if you're interested, please don't hesitate to apply, and I'm pretty flexible about this kind of thing.
Hello hello! It's just four days away to Christmas Eve, and you all know what that means! The gifts for this year's Secret Santa will be put up then too!

The folder will be created the night of the 23rd, and will be open around 12/1 PM EST on the 24th. It will remain open until January 10, 2015, 8.00PM EST. After that date, gifts will be considered late and you won't be able to participate in the 2015 SS if it takes place. When you post your gifts, please label it with [Anime-And-Manga SS] or something along the lines of that!

After the folder closes, the volunteers will be called on for those who ended up giftless. The volunteer list will be randomized to see who will be giving them.

These are all the people who are participating this year! The link next to their name is the gift they posted.

RarityPonyWithFlair (RosesilkBeautiful):
OginZ: ||
NekPia (xMikashi):
JimmyDArtist: ||
clayton1313 (ClaythePokechamp):
Shay-chan33/Akage-no-Senshi: -- Late
Kiyoshi-Ryu: [ Sent Privately ]
Megan-pi (megiru):
ppengu: -- Late
TheShadowgirls: ||
Misfit-outcasts-o-0: -- Late
PactMaker: -- Late

Volunter Gifts: They will be added as they are finished. c:

-- SakamotoNadeshiko, Founder

EDIT I: So I just created the SS folder for 2014. Again, it won't be open for you guys to submit into until the afternoon tomorrow. It'll probably be around 12-2 that I do open it. You're free to post your gifts when it's the 24th even if you can't send your works to the folder yet.

EDIT II: The SS folder for this year has been opened for submitting into. If you're finished with your gift and would prefer to post it on Christmas instead, that's okay as well. C:

EDIT III: Hello! I hope 2015 started well for you all. There are 5 days left to get your SS gift up! If there is a blank space next to your name, it means that you have not gotten your gift up yet or I couldn't find it as I was going through the Galleries just now. I submitted some of the gifts I saw in Galleries but weren't submitted to the group to the folder myself, so please accept the correspondence you get from it so it can be included! If your gift is late, then you won't be able to participate in the 2016 SS if we hold it, and if you never even give a gift then you will be barred from participating in all future SS events.

EDIT IV: There is about 1 day left for you guys to get your gifts posted. After 8.00PM EST (GMT -5:00), gifts will be considered late. If you've submitted to the folder and it's still waiting to be approved at that time, then you're still good to go since it's already been posted on your Gallery. I won't assign volunteers until 5 days after 3 days after the closing of the folder.

EDIT V: There's about an hour left to get your gifts up! I'll be checking galleries of those who still need to get them up throughout the hour in case they get posted between now and the closing of the folder. I've added those who offered to give gifts to the giftless in the comments below to the Volunteers list.

Like I said before, people without a link next to their name have not yet given their gifts. You'll get a note from me saying so if you still haven't when the folder is closed. So far there are 12 people. u.u

I'm sorry for all the little time reminders that appear in your inbox. ;w; There will be two more. One at the ten minute mark and another when the folder actually closes.

EDIT VI: Just 10 minutes left.

EDIT VII:And the folder is now closed! Volunteers will be assigned in three days. I will randomize the list of volunteers and giftees will be assigned down the list.

EDIT VIII: I just sent out the volunteer's notes. I'll post a list when I hear back from them if they'll be able to do it or not. Volunteers will have until February 28, 2015 to get their gifts in. After that I'll check in weekly until it's done. c:
Hello everybody! This is the sign-ups for the 2014 that you've been waiting for! C: The feedback from inquiry was "Let's do this SS!" and not so much anniversary (which we're not celebrating). The deadline is set to be October 29, 2014, at 8.00PM (EST/GMT-4:00).

If you don't know what a Secret Santa is, it's a large anonymous gift exchange. Everyone will have a Santa that will give them a gift, and they will also be the Santa to another person.

How to Participate:
• Create a Wishlist of what you want from your Santa in a Journal Entry so your Santa can get an idea of what you'd like. That said, references are always lovely. Please try to be flexible in order to account for the various strengths of people.
• Comment down below with a link to your wishlist
• Wait for me to reply to it and watch for your name to appear on the participants list in a separate Journal entry that I will link here:

If I don't reply in three days and your name doesn't appear, then comment again stating so and that you commented before. Should the participants list get long, use CTRL+F (I don't know the Mac command for this since I don't have one) to search for your name.


Don't post your gift until December 24th.
If you're going to be away for the holidays and won't have Internet access, just tell me, yeah? If you finish eary just hold onto the gift until this date.

Label your gifts with [Anime-And-Manga SS] or something along the lines with the group's name in it.
It's just to mark it as a gift part of our Secret Santa. It'll make the submission to the Secret Santa 2014 folder much easier when the time comes.

Submit your gifts to the Secret Santa 2014 folder when gifts are posted.
It won't open until the afternoon on December 24th, but when that date arrives feel free to post your gift. This folder is only for those participating in this group's Secret Santa, so if you have an SS git gtom another's, do not submit it here.

Don't be the jerk that neglects the gift-giving portion.
Obviously there are extenuating circumstances that may come up between now and the late date in January, and it's fine if you can't get your gift up because of something out of your control. But if you decide that you'll just sit back and let your giftee go giftless, you will no longer be able to participate in this group's gift exchange type events in the future. "I forgot" and "I procrastinated" are not extenuating circumstances that excuses you from not giving your gift.

Do not complain about the gift you received.
Your Santa took their time and effort and tried their utmost best to give you something you wanted. If you didn't like it for whatever reason, keep it to yourself.

Group submission rules still apply.
Sorry, the rules regarding exposed private areas will not be lifted for this event, so please refrain from asking for this. It's fine if it's for some other Secret Santa, just not this one.

Want to Volunteer?
Just let me know and I'll add you to the volunteer list here. Volunteers are those who give a gift to those who end up giftless because their Santa didn't give them their gift.

The match-ups this year will be decided with a name randomizer because I'm participating myself. First I will put the name list into the randomizer, and I will give that new list to an outside party to randomize again. It'll get sent back to me and that will create this year's match-ups for the Secret Santa. I will go through and make sure that no one is paired with themselves because that obviously beats the purpose of the event. In the case that there is a person matched with themselves, they will be switched around with the recipient name under them.

There are 9 people who can't participate at all, and another 2 just for this year because their gift was late. I still have all the info from last year's so I know who they are. If you're one of these 11 people, then I will tell you that you can't take part if you try to sign up.

Please don't be discouraged from taking part if you think your art "sucks" (which it doesn't). This even is to have fun and give to others.
Do spread the word, as it is open to all! The more the merrier, so everyone is welcome to participate!

The deadline is October 29, 2014 at 8.00PM (EST/GMT-:400).

-- SakamotoNadeshiko, Founder

EDIT: Not really much by way of an edit; just mostly a refresh super early in the morning ( 6.45AM right now for me ) so other people can see this sign-up~ I will add more details of the little two day drop-out period as wiggle room on the 30th and 31st. And also, good luck to you all who are taking the SATs today, October 11th. C: I taking it too which is why I'm here so early, hehe (actually also because I'm eating breakfast).

EDIT II: There is a week left to sign up if you want to participate in the gift exchange. After that will be the two-day drop out period before the matches are made. On the 30th and 31st, if you no longer wish to take part, just let me know to be removed from the list with no penalty. Since it's the wiggle room period, you don't have to give me a reason on those two days. Obviously if you decide drop out a few weeks from now I won't be all that thrilled and neither will your Santa who may have already began making your gift. It's one thing if you have a circumstance an another because you just don't want to anymore after match-ups are made.

EDIT III: There is just less than 24 hours to sign up if you have not already done so! If you still have not given me your wishlist, you MUST get it to me by November 1st. Your name HAS been added to my spreadsheet with participant names and wishlists (though with a blank space there), but is not on the actual participants list yet. If you don't get it to me by then, you will not be included in the match-ups aka you won't be someone who's taking part this year. After sign ups close tomorrow night, I will put the names of those who haven't given me a link to it. It'll be removed once November 1st passes or you give it to me.

EDIT IV: About 13 hours left folks! I will probably update this journal once more to be sent to your inboxes tonight if I can, but there's also a chance I may not. I do see that there are more people who have signed up since last night, and I will be updating the list later on. I need to leave for school soon so I don't have the time for it now.|l|OTL As long as you sign up with your wishlist BEFORE 8.00, whether or not I've added you yet, you're still in. I will leave a bold comment at the cut-off. Sorry for spamming you all with updating this Journal. u.u

EDIT V: Sign-ups are now closed. There are people who need to give me their wishlist before I add them to the participants list on the Journal. If I list your name here, you need to give it to me before the first of November. After that, I will exclude you from the match-ups.
Saito-Hizuki, omamoriisme

There are 46 volunteers and 95 gift exchange participants. Match-ups will be created on the second of November, and all notes should be sent out by the end of the first week. C:

EDIT VI: The match-up list has been made! I will start sending out notes tomorrow and hopefully get them done and sent out by the end of the day on the 4th. C: If note, then definitely by then end of the week.

EDIT VII: All the notes have been sent out.
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