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Welcome to the group Anime-And-Manga~!

This is a place where you can find those who love anime and/or manga and art in that category. Anything related goes!

We accept every member who wants to join. All join requests are automatically approved. To submit art, it is not necessary for you to be a member of the group. However, please note that our Featured folder is restricted to members, and therefore to submit there you need to join.

Please follow group rules, as well as DeviantArt's own rules. If you break a rule, I will either let it slide, give you a warning, or ban you, depending on the rule.

General Rules:
• Treat other Deviants and the Admins with respect.
• Don't fight in the group [comments]. If you feel the need to argue, please take it to the notes.
• No cursing in the comments or at anyone else. By this, it means no major curses such as the F-bomb.
• Follow dA's Terms of Service.
• If you find stolen artwork, please report it to me via a note.
• If you are banned from the group, then you can try to appeal and be allowed back in. This only applies to the marked offenses in the "Bannable Offenses" section.

Art Submission Rules:




• Art must be related to anime and/or manga. Anime-style games are fine as well.

• The art does not necessarily have to be a drawing. Fanfics and literature ARE allowed. These belong in Fanfics and Stories, respectively.

• Each member can only submit one (1) piece of artwork to the FEATURED folder per week. Each member can only submit three (3) pieces of artwork to each of the OTHER GALLERY folders per WEEK. The latter means that you can submit up to three (3) in EACH folder, not five total.

• Please submit to the right folders! Art submitted to the incorrect folder will be rejected. If you've accidentally sent it to the wrong folder, just resubmit it to the correct one.

• If you've used a reference, then please say so and give credit.

• NO TRACED OR STOLEN ART WHATSOEVER!!! We don't want art that you've stolen from another artist and taken credit for. --Bannable Offense--

• No horribly erotic or nude art is allowed. For males, the groin and behind area must be covered. For females, the breasts, groin, and behind area must be covered.

Featured Folder Submission Rules:
The submission process for this folder will be different from all of the others. There will be a limit of one submission per week. For a piece to be included in this folder, it must get 3 votes of acceptance from the Admins. Submission rules still apply. Judging will be done by the opinions of the Admins. There are also restrictions on what you can and cannot submit.

What will not be accepted:
• Lineart (like the ones in the Line Art folder)
• Coloured in lines/manga pages
• Comics/Manga pages
• Memes (Completed or blank)
• Bases (Used or created)
• Art dumps
• Demotivational posters

All works must be done yourself and completed. We will not be accepting any WIPs. It doesn't necessarily have to be in colour. If it isn't listed as a type of work that won't be accepted, then by all means submit it. OC's, Fanart, etc. Submissions to this folder are restricted to group members only.

Bannable Offenses:
• Being rude to other members and the Admins. Three warnings will be given. If you continue to disrespect others, then you will be banned from the group. --Appealable--
• If you are found to have submitted stolen artwork, then you will be banned AND blocked from the group.


Group Links: These link to group journal entries that you should take a look at. They can also be found under the group Journals.

Folder Clarifications:
Featured Folder:

Other Links: These links may serve of interest to you, so be sure to check them out if you can.

Anime Network:…
Cosplay FU:…
MCM Expo:…
MANGA Entertainment:…
Tokyo Toys TV:…

The above links were provided by DoctorWhoOne

Group Info

A group for anime AND manga! Anyone can join and contribute!
Founded 8 Years ago
Dec 17, 2009


Group Focus
Anime and Manga

20,194 Members
15,940 Watchers
369,396 Pageviews
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Gallery Folders

Mari Yukata ver by Puleunie
[C] Perfeast Girl for Dopamyn by AzaikiSan
Overwatch to the West! by RobotCatArt
let's take a photo! by tamomoko
Traditional Art
revy drawing by me by naruXhinata
Dream .:. Believe by mikomilktea
Manga drawing No 18: Sarah, Castle Story by FenrisTheWolfBoy
Just a girl by UBERDOMINATOR
Traditional Art II
Rillu and Karkat by UvaUrsi
Zoom sur Kuro - Servamp by Aragold
Fresh Beat Crew by Haruhi2034
Chibi Bear Girl by fadedsheep
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: I Commission for Suesanne : by tabithia
.:Hey there, Angel:. by SomaShiokaze
Chrome Bullet and Applejack Elemental Rage(Sketch) by PiplupSTARSCommander
Monkey D Luffy by LolidelaXMinorin
Traditional Art IV

Mature Content

WIP by Xexilia-the-Bat
You do not die by garrus368
Traditional Art V --NO Fanart--
Bath time by latifey
Autumn witch by Ross-86
Lolipop by Kamikoroshu
Schoolgirl by Chatshiki
Digital Art
Wedding by Deneco
Manga Illustration by crimsonashtree
Lady Of  Butterflies by Miranduless
two sides by daniekje
Digital Art II
Bleach 556 - Komamura Bankai by HikariNoGiri
Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi by xrose013x
Quick Chiyo Sketch by NezNezz
Sisters by TakuyaRawr
Digital Art III
Menma by Kazumi-Senpai
Korin The Cat Hermit by Yazuda
Showing the way out of the desert canvas by Virgaeus
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Larinelle - OC Headshot by ca55i3
1/2 Prince Colored by chronos73
Alice and Cheshire Cat by aoi-milk
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New avatar :3 by Meonyw
Digital Art VI
Blue Elf by BonemanCharles
Digital Art VII
Easter bunny by JimmyDArtist
Digital Art VIII --NO FANART--
Autumn Leaves by TanyaKi
Mixed Media --NO Fanart--
big guns by Sanami-Ich
Chocolate with pepper-Chapter 10-22 by chikorita85
Comics II
Kami's Assistant chapter 2 page 35 by DrizDew
Fan Comics
Aaaa ! (only color) by MattArtistJeevas
- Let's take a photo. - by Max-Zi
Bad boi by SociallyFrightened
Dr by marisss-shonen-ai
OC's V
Happy Valentine by adiww
lukchup xmas 2016 [low res and save version] by gao-lukchup
Glamorous and Innocent by CrystalMoola
Thank You Card by DaeofthePast
Night Festival by GreenRaptor15
OC's X
Interview with Margo-chan! by sayonana
Gin and Rangiku by Destiny1234567
Fanart II
Futaba Sakura from Persona 5 by Reivash
Fanart III
Tord by LaTiaMega
Fanart IV
My Sparkling Heart by giuli94
Fanart V
[VOCALOID] 10minLen by HunterK
Fanart VI
Images-11 by miriam-ru
Fanart VII
Happy Valentine's Day by Blossom93
Fanart VIII
Fanart IX
[ALYS] Digital painting by Shunko-Chan
Fanart X
Demi-Human by SaniiSan
Fanart XI
Taken by Lust by ImpishlyJynxed
Fanart XII
Shizuku Oikawa by JellyJigs
Fanart XIII
Kizuna Ai by DYEDart
Fanart XIV
FateExtra CCC by MusicalYandere
Fanart XV
Magic book by YakultSmoothie
OC Fanart
Art Trade With LucyAndCovi by SailorSuu
OC Fanart II
A Grape by enzouke
Ichihara Yuuko - xxxHolic - Spiritual Awareness by LadyRoseTea
Commission: Hisa (oc) by vaneluh
Commissions II
C: .:Comforting Smiles:. by Shiiyou
Male Adoptable #2 {OPEN} by MariCore
Line Art
Time for a Walk by hentaisnail
Ultimate Chibi Base Set #19 [Free Demo] by Nukababe
Sakura as Ika Musume by SuperMLbros
Fanfics -Lit Only-
Black Butler: Book Of The Dead | Episode 5 by ArcaneEnforcer
Updated Hair Coloring Tutorial by Peachirii
Coloured Lines and Pages
Deidara by xSilverXBulletx
Secret Santa 2013
June Summers--Secret Santa by ChimeraSutar
Secret Santa 2014
(verry late) Secret santa by uiuna2
Secret Santa 2015
Kirito x Asuna [Secret Santa 2015] by bitterbeanie
10K Members Contest
CE: Anime and Manga contest by OginZ
Secret Santa 2016
SS16 - Winter Flowers by yuunmao
Bad At Love (gif) by V-NES
We are in need of new Contributors to help out with the group.

Some of a Contributor's roles within the group include:
→ Voting on submissions
→ Cleaning/organizing the gallery folders
→ Enforcing group rules

How to apply:
Send a note to me, SakamotoNadeshiko and include all of the following:
→ Why you want to be a Contributor for the group
→ Why you will make a good Contributor
→ How often or when you think you'll be able to do your duties (not a set schedule, it's just so I have an idea of it)
All applications sent to the group notes, posted to the comments, group profile, or my profile will be ignored.

Experience in other groups or artistic skill is not required. Please do not apply to be a Contributor merely for the status of one. Being an admin for a group is not an easy task and I am looking for dedication and comittment from all applicants. I do expect you to be active and take on your role.

Deadline: August 15, 2017 at 11.59PM EDT (GMT -4:00)

-- SakamotoNadeshiko, Founder

Edit:Just a reminder that there are 3 days left to submit your application to me if you'd like to become a Contributor. c:

Edit II: Contributor applications are now closed.
The number of submissions allowed per week, per folder, have been reduced from five to three. The Featured folder will remain at one per week.

As anyone who submitted a piece recently already knows, we are incredibly backed up in submissions and the wait time is long. We receive hundreds of submissions a day and do not have enough Admins to keep up. Hopefully the reduction will make the voting somewhat more manageable and reduce wait times in the future.

Contributor applications will open on the evening of August 1st to recruit new people to join the team.

-- SakamotoNadeshiko, Founder
Hi all! This year's Secret Santa folder is now open! This folder is only for Anime-And-Manga's Secret Santa. Do not submit here if you aren't one of the participants. That being said, those who are participating should clearly label your gifts that show you're one of them (preferably in the title).

It will be open until January 9, 2017 at 11.59PM EST (GMT -5:00). Therefore, that date is the absolute final deadline for getting your gifts on time. You can submit your gifts to the folder between now and then, so if you'd prefer to wait until Christmas Day to give your gift, that's totally fine too! After the folder closes it will be considered late.

At that point, volunteers will become Santas to those who are still giftless. They'll be chosen through a randomizer where I'll put the names through a list and contact the first X number of people needed. The deadline for volunteer gifts is February 28, 2017 at 11.59PM EST (GMT -5:00).

Below is the list of participants and their gifts will be linked next to their name:

-- SakamotoNadeshiko, Founder

EDIT I: The Secret Santa folder is now closed. Any gifts posted after this point will be considered late. There were only two people who didn't get their gifts up on time, which is the lowest number we've had since we began having the SS event. c: Volunteers will be assigned to the giftless tomorrow.
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I have not submitted anything in the past couple of weeks so I should not be receiving this message. This was really fun but I don't want to be part of a group that has a issues with the submission like this. 
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